Nate Gold Did-It – Producer /Engineer/ Songwriter Nate Gold Did-It discovered his abilities in music during elementary school as the bass drum player in the school band. He played up until middle school where he started to become a freestyle M.C. . He released a collaboration with Feh Fetti his childhood friend titled “YAY AREA REPS” which sold 1000 copies in 6 months by selling CDs out of their backpacks . The group went there separate ways shortly after. Nate Gold Did-It wanted to turn his focus towards producing more, so he put out another album with Mak-A-Mill “TAKEZ $ 2 MAKE $” which went on to do well in CD sales and digital downloads. He honed his skills in production and was pro tools certified under the guidance of Brian White while attending FUTURE RHYTHM. He has spent the last two years as D’Wayne Wiggins (TONI TONY TONE) personal engineer. He worked along side the TONI’s in a 2010 FORD Commercial where the classic hit “It Feels Good” was used . He produced the Or Nah remix for new RnB superstar Kehlani which has millions of views and plays across the web. The newest hit single he produced is Forgiato Blow’s “Vanilla Sprite” which is taking over the U.S. by storm.